Oil Paintings


Coastal Shadows and Light, 16″ x 24,” oil on wood, $1,125
During the months of January and February 2020, Kennedy Gallery & Custom Framing will exhibit my solo show “Hinterland.”  

The core of the show comprises a series of smaller-format square works on wood, painted in a loose, gestural style. Drawing upon the elemental character of the New England coast, their abstract designs and textured, layered surfaces are intended to evoke the impersonal power, raw energy, and elusive moods of nature.

The paintings in this series started with abstract brushstrokes that remain visible beneath the subsequent paint layers. I hope the untamed, unfinished quality suggests memories and ideas about nature and our relationship to it. The word “hinterland” means both the uncharted area beyond a coastal community as well as an area lying beyond what is visible or known.  

The New Hampshire Seacoast region alone could provide enough material for more than a lifetime of observation and spiritual exploration. My hope is that the small scale of these paintings concentrates and amplifies the depiction of wide-open spaces and dynamic natural forces.

The paintings below are all 8×8 inches, oil on wood, priced at $295 – $325.
Seabrook / Hampton, 12″ x 24,” oil on wood, $950

The paintings below are all 14×14 inches, oil on wood, priced at $795.