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Add fuel to your creative growth with a personalized mentorship program we design together

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Five Sessions

  • USD $300

Learn & Grow at Your Own Pace

Starting wherever you are in your artistic journey, from complete beginner to intermediate painter, we look at your past and current work and identify pathways for new departures and possibilities for growth. The goal is to put you on a path that feels personal, authentic, and meaningful to you. It happens through dialogue, creative exercises, critiques, and customized “homework” assignments that support goals you set for yourself.

As the session continues, the dialogue revolves around your developing work. Each session builds from the last as we identify and bolster core strengths, establish and work towards goals we set, and address any challenges or mind-blocks getting in the way of making your best work.

Mentoring can cover multiple aspects of art-making, based on where you are now and where you’d like to be. Possible areas we can work on together include:

  • focusing your creative energy and developing a body of meaningful work,
  • managing your time to maximize creativity and productivity,
  • bolstering strengths and identifying needed skillsets,
  • uncovering opportunities and making important contacts in your field,
  • the many aspects of establishing and growing a professional career. 

This kind of support is what I always wished I’d had but never really found from any teacher.

To be fair, most group classes and workshops cannot offer this deep a level of support. Workshops and classrooms comprise a diverse group of talents and experience, so teachers usually end up by necessity teaching some form of technique. Obviously, technique is important, but after a while one understands it’s only half the game.

Online mentoring is for beginners as well as working (and aspiring!) artists looking to shape their creative practice, to develop a personal style, create a distinctive and coherent body of work, and/or establish or grow a career in art. Creative exercises, prompts, and a supportive check-in deadline each week can really keep you on task and at the easel.

I’ll help you to get started, charge ahead, ask new questions, and help you objectively judge your finished work by entirely new criteria, such as honesty, content, and relevant technique.

What’s included:
1. Program kickoff and scope-setting. You’ll receive a welcome email and a written questionnaire to help us set specific long and short-term goals. We’ll use this survey as the agenda for the first of five 1-hour Zoom calls that we’ll schedule at a good time for you. 
2. Five 1-hour Zoom calls during which we’ll cover as much ground as we need in order to make real, tangible progress on the goals we identify at the outset.
3. Unlimited text chat for quick check-ins and questions as needed for the duration of the program.
4. Follow up email / Zoom call 4-6 weeks after the end of the program.

BOTTOM LINE: it’s five personally tailored one-on-one live video sessions plus support for $300.