Working in Series

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Working in Series

The best classes advance the students on the path of becoming themselves. I see my role as inspiring you to discover an authentic, individual mode of painting and helping you overcome challenges presented by the work you envision. Working in series is a great way to find your voice.

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  • USD 180

Working in Series

This ongoing workshop uses guided exercises and prompts to kickstart creativity and focus your artistic practice while generating a personally meaningful body of work. Begin with fearless improvisational play on paper to home in on a theme and explore possibilities. 

Each Zoom consists of a short lecture or demo, followed by group discussion of paintings and works-in-progress for feedback (from me and the rest of the group) focused upon building strengths, providing direction, and inspiration for what to do next. 

Besides 1. getting you to the easel on the regular and 2. stirring up the pot with new ideas and techniques, working in series over the long haul is key to clarifying your artistic intentions and making work that truly feels like your own – work that’s honest, authentic, important, and passionately pursued.

Meets via Zoom Wednesday 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. $180 for five sessions.

Email me if you’re interested in hearing more, asking questions, or joining up.